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We believe that everyone has enormous value and we want to help remove the obstacles that prevent potential from being realised. People’s postcodes should not determine their possibilities. We build relationships with children, young people and families to help make our local neighbourhoods places that local people are proud to call home.


We were established in 2003 when Sam and Hannah Miller moved into Perry Common, a housing estate in North Birmingham, with their 3-month-old son. We have retained this resident-led approach whilst extending into three more neighbourhoods that are some of the statistically most disadvantaged places to live in the UK.


We have a strong Christian foundation to who we are and what we do. This motivates us to create spaces where all people are welcome regardless of their faith, ethnicity, background or any other defining characteristic. Our faith is also expressed in prayer, that hope would transform even the most hopeless situations.


We believe that everyone has something to contribute and we’d love to help you play your part.