Volunteer Team Day
Posted on 19th June

You may be more familiar with the names and faces of some of our staff team but UDB has always been dependent on volunteers to enable us to reach out to children, young people and families. Our volunteers are a vital part of UDB so we try and ensure that they feel properly equipped, supported and appreciated. As such we sat down months ago and planned for a Team Building Day on a Saturday in the middle of June, confident that we would be greeted with blue skies and beautiful sunshine. The weather part didn't work out so well!

Instead we had rain, wind and cold but despite this had a fantastic day, run by our friends Andi and Olly from Rejuvenate Worldwide. Divided into three teams, we took part in various activities including:

The highlight of my day was falling in the lake "


  • Spider's Web - Passing each member of the team through a different whole of 'spider's web' made by lashing rope between two trees
  • Toxic Waster - extracting a bucket from a 'contaminated area' and emptying the contents into another container using different pieces of equipment and without being able to enter the contaminated area
  • Lake Crossing - getting the whole team to cross water using two planks and three crates




It is fair to say that some of the team members are more competitive than others and perhaps this was what drove Team 3 to a stunning victory. Well done Dave, Kate, Michal, Joel, Cameron, Lorraine, Dan and Nick! Others of the team were less successful including one unnamed volunteer who fell off the plank during the lake crossing task and was submerged in water! Fortunately she found this highly amusing so everyone else had permission to laugh! 

Last year volunteers contributed over 2000 hours of voluntary time and - in collaboration with the staff team - enabled over 18000 points of contact with around 4000 children, young people and families!



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