Underground Reloaded!
Posted on 25th September
If you were in Perry Common over the summer you may have noticed lots of people coming and going from The Underground with mysterious deliveries and the sound of power tools filling catching your eyes and ears. The reason for all the activity was that the main room in The Underground was undergoing a long overdue makeover.

Many of the team enjoyed letting off steam by sledgehammering away walls and breaking up ancient furniture before the more creative work began. We commissioned Scribbleffiti, a local artist, to paint a striking mural, we've also opened up the space, had a new tuck shop area built and are in the process of freshening up the rest of the room. Why not come and take a look?

The Underground - School Years 4-6: Monday 3:30-4:45
The Underground - School Years 7-11: Monday 5:00-6:15
Girls Group - School Years 6-8: Tuesday 4:30-5:45
Girls Group - School Years 9-11: 6:15-7:30
BOOM! - School Years 7-8: 5:30-6:30 


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