Posted on 12th July
What Is Urban Devotion Birmingham?

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor”

Isaiah 61 unpacks what it means to be bringers of good news: to the poor, the broken-hearted, the captives and the mourning. It then details an incredible story of transformation where those who hear the good news become those who rebuild the ancient ruins, repair ruined cities and turn around the devastation of many generations.

We believe that every child and young person has infinite value and boundless potential "

Since 2003 Urban Devotion Birmingham (UDB) have worked with children and young people in disadvantaged communities across North Birmingham. Birmingham is the youngest city in Western Europe. It is vibrant, multi-cultural and exciting but faces disadvantage, inequality and challenge.

How do we change this? We believe that every child and young person has infinite value and boundless potential but many are living out the wrong story. We have developed positive, long-term relationships with children and young people – we’ve prayed for them, we’ve shared life with them, we’ve celebrated them, we’ve cried for them and we’ve loved them.

By bringing good news we have a part to play in rewriting their stories. By bringing good news we can ensure that their value is embraced and their potential is realised.

What Are You Looking For?
  • A year to explore the unique nature of your story and your calling?
  • A faith-filled adventure in the heart of urban disadvantaged communities?
  • A chance to deepen your relationship with God?
  • Opportunities to express God’s love to people in tangible ways?
  • Training to develop your skills and exercise your spiritual muscles?
  • Inspiration from a range of voices from across the city and across the nation?
  • The chance to make a genuine and lasting difference in somebody’s life?

UDB61 might be just what you are looking for.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re always on the look out for people to join our team of Urban Missionaries - either as volunteers or in paid roles. If this is of interest to you please contact Andy via email - a[email protected]. We would tailor any role to suit your skills and passions whilst you serve the children and young people we work with and participate in our rhythm of prayer.

Here are some of the skills and passions we are looking for from you – you probably won’t resonate with all of them but get in touch and let us know which ones describe you:

  • Using sport, music, video games or other creative outlets to connect with children
  • Being a mentor, a listening ear and a voice of encouragement
  • Walking the streets (not on your own!), approaching people and striking up conversation
  • Hanging out in school playgrounds, handing out cups of tea and building rapport with children and parents
  • Using photography, video and social media to tell stories and capture images that help us share good news with a wider audience
  • Sharing the message of Jesus with people through your words and actions
  • A committment to deepening your relationship with God and devoting yourself to prayer
What Will You Get From Us?

We will support you, equip you, train you, pray for you and provide for you.

We value you for who God has made you to be and for the contribution you can make to the lives of children and young people. Because of this we are not asking you to pay for the privilege of being part of UDB61. 

You will be part of the team and benefit from theological teaching and practical training from a range of excellent and experienced facilitators from inside and outside UDB. We want to help you deepen your relationship with God and expand your ability to share God’s love with others. 

You will be given opportunities to try something new and to step out of your comfort zone supported by a mentor who will encourage you, challenge you and support you along the way. You will also be part of a prayer community – nurturing a rhythm of prayer across a geographic area.

A faith filled adventure in the heart of urban disadvantaged communities "

If you are ready to be a bringer of good news then please apply to UDB61. Along the way we will help you discover and sharpen what it is that you are called to. We want to help you shape your story. We look forward to hearing from you!

"We work in partnership with UDB and love their commitment to transforming communities from the inside out. If living sacrificially, building authentic community and loving neighbourhoods back to life sounds like your kind of thing then why not join UDB61?" 

Sam Ward - National Director of Eden (part of the Message Trust)

"Our friends at Urban Devotion Birmingham share our belief that prayer changes things... If you want to be equipped in prayer and missional activity why not get involved?"

Ian & Pauline Cole – Founders of the World Prayer Centre

"UDB are about transforming communities and helping people in need. If you share those aims why not spend a year as part of UDB61 and get equipped to make a difference?"

Mike Royal - Director & Co-Founder of TLG and Church Engagement Team Leader at Cinnamon Network

"Our friends at UDB share our vision to bring light to the City of Birmingham. UDB61 is a great opportunity if you're looking for a year of mission and adventure to help shape your future"

Tim & Rachel Hughes, Leaders of Gas Street Church & Worship Central




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