Prayer in Schools: Christmas 2015
Posted on 2nd February

Can you believe it? It is now less than 48 weeks until Christmas 2016! Although only the most eager of Christmas fans could possibly be readying themselves for this year’s festive season, retailers normally place their first orders of Christmas cards in the first week of February. Keen.

The Urban Devotion team love Christmas, and though they disagree when and where Christmas music should be played, one thing which unites us is a love of the Christmas Prayer Space.

2015’s Christmas Prayer Space took place across the week of the 7th-11th December. 17 different classes from 4 local primary schools converged on St. Martin’s Church in Perry Common across 5 days to hear the Christmas story and engage in a range of interactive prayer activities.

It was great teaching the children about prayer (local primary school teacher) "

The prayer stations each focused on a different character from the Christmas story, and an attitude they showed, for example obedience on the part of Mary, generosity from the wise men, joy from the shepherds or forgiveness from Joseph. There was also an area for the children to quietly pray without doing a craft or activity at the same time, as well as a big whiteboard where they could write any questions they had about Jesus, prayer or Christmas.

We’ve even spotted the teachers competing to see how many things they can be thankful for, or putting their own questions up on the whiteboard. This year we had one teacher say that “It was a great morning for all the children - even those who aren't Christian could access the prayer space”, whilst another said that “It was great teaching the children about prayer and linkingeach activity to an aspect of the Christmas Story”.

Given that we love teaching children about prayer, this seems to be a winning combination. And as the shops stock up on Christmas supplies for this year, Urban Devotion’s schools team are planning ahead too – for this year’s Easter Prayer Space. We can’t wait!



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