New Wyrley Birch Club, Wednesdays from 5.15pm-6pm
Posted on 17th May

The UDB team have been working on Wyrley Birch for over two years now! We've played plenty of games of FIFA, Dobble and Connect 4 as well as playing sports on Witton Lakes in the summer. So far, this has all been done on a Wednesday afternoon with young people in school years 4-6.

This term, we're excited to say that we have started a new club on the Wyrley Birch for young people in school years 7-9.

We were excited because we now have the opportunity to continue building relationships with the young people we know who are in secondary school (or who soon will be!) was even better than we expected! The eight young people who came along wrote themselves some ‘Squad Goals’ - how they will behave in the club, and we had a lot of fun playing games and hanging out.

The opportunity to continue to invest in these young people and to strengthen the relationships that have already been built between them and with us is just too good an opportunity to miss. We're hoping it will become a high point in their (and our!) weeks!

Older Club will still be happening until the end of term, so if you would like to come along (or know anyone else who would) here are the details of where and when it's going down...

Who is it for? Years 7-11 (although for the summer term year 6s will join us to facilitate transition)

When is it? Wednesdays, 5.15pm-6pm

Where is it? Lakeside Children’s Centre, Wyrley Birch

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