Kingsbury Music Showcase
Posted on 28th June

On Tuesday 19th July we hosted our first Music Showcase at Kingsbury School.  The showcase was an event organised at the culmination of 18 months of creative collaboration, hardwork and fun in the Kingsbury Music Project.  It was a chance for young people involved in the project to showcase their achievements, progress and talents.

The event was well supported by families, local police, a local councillor and teachers from the school. Guests were treated to canapes and cocktails as the students performed 3 original tracks and a selection of cover versions. Their performances ranged from solo instrumental pieces to large group performances.

...a message from one generation to another in the wake of the 2011 riots: 'You Need Us and We Need You'"

We finished the show with an adaptation of Ed Sheeran’s ‘You need me, I don’t need you’. Students had rewritten the lyrics as a message from one generation to another in the wake of the 2011 riots. Their version was titled 'You Need Us and We Need You'.  

Older students and volunteers took a real mentoring role both in the build up to the performance and on the day – showing strong leadership and a desire to encourage younger budding musicians. Even though we had some equipment fail Drew Reid from Love 2 Live stepped in and brought his expertise and equipment to the rescue.


"The school noticed that groups of kids who wouldn't normally spend time together were working together well in the music project and then hanging out with each other around the school"

Rob McLaughlin, UDB Youthwork Apprentice


Through the Kingsbury Music Project 3 students have put themselves forward for volunteering with young musicians in the future. We have also been able to support one of the students in gaining a place on a music technology course and another to secure a place at a Performing Arts Academy.

Big thanks go to Paul Emms at West Midlands Police and Emma Myers at The Prince’s Trust as well as Sue Jakzsta at Kingsbury School, all of whom offered vital finance, support and assistance in delivering the project and the performance!











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