Introducing Rob & Anton
Posted on 12th June

If you've been around UDB in the last few months or checked out our team page you will have noticed that we have grown! Rob McLaughlin and Anton Copestick have joined the team as youthwork apprentices and are using their fantastic skills to the benefit of children and young people across the three communities we serve.

We got to know both Rob and Anton in 2009 when we began working on the Erdington Hall and Birches Green estates. We quickly discovered that Anton had a flair for football and that Rob had a passion for music. As we got to know them more they became interested in volunteering with us and have played integral roles in developing our work on these two estates.

Towards the end of last year we began exploring apprenticeship opportunities as we see so much value and potential in both of them that we wanted to see given full expression. In the first few months of this year we were able to take both of them on as apprentices and they have both been fantastic additions to the team.

Rob is brilliant at getting alongside young people and encouraging them to explore their creativity through music whilst Anton uses his football skills as a way of connecting with hard to reach teenage lads. Their contribution to UDB is really noticeable and they are much loved by the rest of the team!











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