How Many Messiahs?
Posted on 16th February

We've spent a lot of time in recent years having conversations with friends and neighbours about what we believe, what they believe and what other people believe. Out of all those times sharing our perspectives we decided to make a video that expresses one of the reasons we believe Jesus is still alive and active in our 21st century world.

'How many messiahs' is something of a pilot project. We have 7 more videos drafted that we'd be up for making if people find them interesting and beneficial. So we're inviting people to have a look at video number 1 and tell us what you think.

We've created a Thunderclap page which basically coordinates anyone who watches the video and thinks they'd want to share it, like it etc onto one day - 26th Feb at 7:30. That's when we'll officially release the video. If you see it and think it's the kind of thing you'd be up for sharing, that you'd like friends and contacts to see it too, then please feel free to sign up to the Thunderclap. You can do that by following this link here, where you can watch the video and choose one of the support options available.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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