Burning Shoes!
Posted on 23rd August

Ask any of the UDB team and they will tell you that you get through lots of pairs of shoes working for UDB. We place a high value on being out on the streets and as a result walk for miles! We want to meet young people where they are at and build relationships with them. We don't usually burn our shoes though!

Last night Amy and I were on Street Level chatting to some guys playing at the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area' to the initiated!) when one of them pointed out a small fire burning in a nearby carpark. Being of inquistive ilk we wandered over and saw that someone had started a fire between two large felled tree trunks. They had done a fairly good job but the fire was still small so I broke up the fire by kicking it whilst Amy fetched some water from the stream with a discarded bottle. Between us we put the fire out but our shoes bear the scars - mine have singed laces and blackened soles and Amy's are muddy from the stream bank! Other than that we had a great evening with the young people with some deep conversations.



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