A Day in the Life of BOOM - Part 2
Posted on 26th April

Last time, the BOOM boys had completed a series of epic challenges in Lickey Hills before embarking on the long (and muddy) minibus drive home. Here's what happened next...


Back in Perry Common, the boys head to the Ring to get some food. Zach and Josh explain to me how red doner meat differs to normal doner (it’s spicier) and we also talk about whether chips or fries are better (it depends on the occasion). Josh and Ashley also talk me through the entire plotline of Batman vs. Superman. Apparently it’s not very good, but the action sequences still earn it a 10/10 overall.


After pizza, wedges and a mini football competition, we sit down with the boys to watch The Fellowship of the Ring. “When does Gandalf say ‘You shall not pass?” asks Ashley. Liam tells him that it’s right at the end.

“They’ve all got really hairy feet,” says Kane.

“I don’t get why everyone loves this film – all I’ve got from this first bit is there’s a village full of tiny people and they smoke pipes and get drunk every day,” says Taro. It is a fairly accurate analysis of the first 30 minutes of The Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf and Bilbo are smoking their pipes again. “Isn’t that bad for your lungs?” asks Sam. One by one, the boys migrate to the next room.

Gandalf - a bad role model for lung health.


Forced to accept that The Lord of the Rings is not resonating with the lads, Liam gets everyone together for a big game of Mafia. It’s slightly complicated by the fact that no one is really sure when their eyes are supposed to be open or closed. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a couple of times. The Mafia kills me off for my insolence.


We awake to the sound of silence. All the boys are fast asleep and it’s almost 9 o’clock. Amazed at this turn of events, Liam calls Andy and tells him to delay breakfast by half an hour. He then wakes the boys by pumping ‘Wake Up It’s A Beautiful Morning’ out of the Underground speakers at full volume.

Bleary-eyed, the boys wander out of their rooms and head across to Hope House for bacon sandwiches and cups of tea. Rejuvenated, we all head back to the Underground for more football whilst Liam washes up.

After an 11-9 victory for Team 1, we head back into the main room where Liam plays Josh in one of the most thrilling games of FIFA there has ever been. Overhauling a 2-0 half-time deficit to equalize in the 93rd minute, Josh’s Columbia defeats Liam’s Portugal in sudden death penalties. Aaron punches the air. Sam jumps up and down. Unbelievable scenes.

Columbia overturn a two-goal deficit to win on penalties.


Everyone goes home. Tragically, Sam never caught his squirrel.

If this diary has inspired you to get involved in a Perry-Common-based lads group, BOOM6 (for boys in school year 6) starts at 4:15pm on a Thursday afternoon at The Underground, St Martin's Church on Witton Lodge Road. BOOM for lads in school years 7-9 kicks of at the same place at 5:30pm.





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