About our Perry Common Girls Group
Posted on 17th March
We re-launched our Perry Common Girls Group in September 2010 with the aim of engaging girls from school year 6 and then keeping relationship with them through their transition into secondary school. We decided to set the target group for this session as in school years 6 to 9 and now see more girls at Girls Group than we do at all 3 of our Underground sessions combined!
Tesco Vouchers!
Posted on 28th February
The end of February marks the start of the ‘Tesco for Schools & Clubs’ voucher giveaway and we are collecting them!  Please join us and help us collect as many vouchers as possible.  We would love to get some more equipment for The Underground, a venue we’re increasingly using for more and more activities across a wider age range than ever before.  For example a basketball costs 360 vouchers.
Half Term
Posted on 21st February
This week is half term which for our children and young people means no school and for us means lots of activities and time to spend with them!  Check out our Events Calendar to find out what's going on.