ID at North Birmingham Academy
Posted on 16th June
One of the programs we run in secondary schools is "ID" - a 6 week course focused on encouraging girls to make positive choices and develop their self esteem. We had a catch-up session with our last group today, a few months after the course finished, to see how they are doing and give them folders with photos and reminders of our time together.
My May Review
Posted on 9th June
"Few things in life are more refreshing than sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open fire and enjoying the sounds and aromas of the countryside. These things are hardly synonymous with life on an outer urban housing estate but The Map Residential certainly made it happen!"
Happy Easter
Posted on 24th April
Happy Easter on behalf of all at UDB! This is a special time of year for us when - as well as enjoying time to relax with friends and family - we reflect on the meaning behind Easter. At UDB we want to see disadvantaged communities transformed and children and young people realise their true potential. The Easter story is all about the most incredible transformation: a man who was God lived a perfect life and gave this life up for the...