Prayer Rooms In Schools Conference
Posted on 26th October
"On the 5th October I travelled to Clerkenwell in London for the first ever Prayer Spaces in Schools conference, hosted by 24-7 Prayer UK. Prayer spaces in schools are spaces with interactive activities to help children and young people to explore what prayer is and who God is in ways which are relevant to them. Since hosting an Easter themed prayer space at Story Wood School in April 2011, we have been excited about how we can expand on this, and so...
Introducing Kate...
Posted on 13th October
"My first month working at UDB has gone really fast – I’m having a lot of fun! The young people over in Erdington Hall are definitely characters and I’m enjoying hanging out with them and getting to know them. My table tennis ability has definitely improved in this last month too!
Our New Team!
Posted on 28th September
Wow! We've almost reached the end of September - the first month with UDB for four new team members.  In truth none of them are entirely new as they have all been involved with UDB before but at the beginning of September Josh, Kate, Sophie and Steve joined our staff team and have already brought an infectious blend of skill, passion and enthusiasm into the mix.