Topcroft Area Update
Posted on 9th October
"It's exciting to be able to deliver and develop activities in Topcroft and the surrounding area. One of the activities we deliver in the area is 'Street Level', with the aim being to walk around the area during different points in the day and talk to some of the young people and local residents in the area. Whether it's people we already know or don't know, our aim is to engage them in different ways.
My Week At Urban Devotion
Posted on 11th September
We recently had a lovely girl called Helen come and do work experience with us. Here she is to fill you in on the details:
Slum Survivor!
Posted on 28th August
Slum Survivor is a great initiative set up by Soul Action that we adopted this year. On Tuesday 14th August 10 girls from our Perry Common Girls Group set up a slum in the middle of the Ring in Perry Common and were greeted with strange looks and collective confusion as, for a day, they got the tiniest taste of what millions of people experience every single day of their lives.