Parallel Tracks
Posted on 11th March
There’s a leader of a big church in the USA who talks about life running along two parallel tracks, like a train track. One of the tracks represents the good things we all have, that we can be thankful for. The other track embodies the struggles: the setbacks and the sufferings, the things that go heartbreakingly wrong. He talks about learning to view life not as if we’re in one phase or the other, either in a good patch or a bad one, but rather...
Kids Making A Difference!
Posted on 18th February
This week is half term which means a pause in our usual activities and sees our team engaged in a whole host of creative ways to engage children and young people and help them be everything that they can be!
Topcroft Project Update
Posted on 13th February
We started this year with three clear aims for our Topcroft, Jarvis Road and Court Farm work. Please read on to find out how we're getting on with them...