Posted on 4th May
"Urban Devotion is made up of a diverse bunch of people who serve across a wide range of activities. We love being team together: working as many parts with one purpose is a great way of providing a range of positive activities. We’re excited about our activities because they enable us to develop positive relationships with the children and young people we work with. And it’s through those relationships that we are able to help them develop as individuals and begin to...
BOOM! in the Peaks
Posted on 4th April
"On a cold, windy day during the Easter break, we had the privilege of taking 5 lads and 3 leaders for a ‘manly’ walk through the hills of Edale, which sits beautifully in the Peak District. After a painfully early start we arrived in Edale and looked over the snowy hills. The lads were chomping at the bit to take on the highest hills they could see.
Posted on 28th March
"First of all, thankyou to everyone who voted for UDB to win funding from Birmingham City Council’s illegal money lending team, in order to run a money management course for young people from Perry Common and Tyburn.