Old Classics, New Skills: Big Bang Prospects
Posted on 29th May
Old classics and new skills for local lads: working with Big Bang Prospects
Curbing The Trend of Disengagement
Posted on 17th May
In 2010 we noticed a pattern in the behaviour of the girls we worked with. They’d get involved in our drop in clubs up to year 6 but then started dropping off the radar. By the time they were in year 7 we had contact with few, if any of them. This needed to change! We’ve never been motivated by numbers, but losing contact with most of the girls we worked with when they came to that age wasn’t ok. 
The Levi Crew
Posted on 17th May
The Topcroft team decided to set ourselves the challenge of making the older STM club fresh and exciting. We were determined to see some new people enter the club. Then along came what we like to call “The Levi crew”.