A Day in the Life of BOOM - Part 1
Posted on 19th April
In the second week of the Easter holidays, the boys of BOOM (UDB's Perry-Common-based lads' group) took a trip into the wilderness of Lickey Hills. What follows is a blow-by-blow account of their adventure.
How Many Messiahs?
Posted on 16th February
We've spent a lot of time in recent years having conversations with friends and neighbours about what we believe, what they believe and what other people believe. Out of all those times sharing our perspectives we decided to make a video that expresses one of the reasons we believe Jesus is still alive and active in our 21st century world. 'How many messiahs' is something of a pilot project.
Prayer in Schools: Christmas 2015
Posted on 2nd February
Can you believe it? It is now less than 48 weeks until Christmas 2016! Although only the most eager of Christmas fans could possibly be readying themselves for this year’s festive season, retailers normally place their first orders of Christmas cards in the first week of February. Keen.