Introducing Luke...
Posted on 2nd October
Working at UDB means I get to carry on having fun with kids on the Wyrley or at the Underground on a Monday, which I love. I also have some new things to do! I am now in charge of Urban Devotion’s Lego mentoring projects. This couples my enthusiasm for the young people of Perry Common with some exploration into how getting creative with Lego can encourage teamwork, imagination and individuality in children.
Goliath The Garden
Posted on 25th September
What has also grabbed our attention is the comments that certain young people have made, in response to the question of whether the MAD project is actually making a difference. They say it has changed their outlook, on how they view litter and rubbish in their community.
6:30 Club
Posted on 4th September
For years we've wondered how best to serve some of our older young people. As they approach their mid to late teens many love the chance to hang out but not in the sort of youth club setup they've experienced for years, and not surrounded by young people several years their junior.