Introducing Heidi
Posted on 14th November
I’m going to be around Drop-in and youth group on the Wyrley Birch, as well as getting to know new people by spending some time walking about with Anton - please come and say hi if you see us! I’m also up for being challenged to a game of Uno, Mariokart, or pool. I can even be persuaded into a dance off or a little bit of karaoke... 
I want to be there when you find a new passion, skill or dream...
Last Chance Saloon
Posted on 27th October
One example of this is from earlier this year when I started mentoring a young lad in a local primary school. I was told he had to come to school later than everyone else, leave earlier, go home for his lunch times and that he was just generally pretty negative!
Love Your Neighbour
Posted on 22nd October
 Getting back into the car with dripping noses and sopping wet socks after seeing not very many people on the streets can be a test of character for any youth worker "