Posted on 16th July
Perry Common is the home of Youth Forum, a collection of young volunteers seeking to be a positive influence in their community. A little like Marvel's Avengers, this group provides an opportunity for uniquely talented and awesome young people to make a difference in their local area. The Youth Forum team organises activities for other young people, such as litter picks, river cleaning or visiting the elderly, as well as giving up their own time to volunteer with us here at Urban Devotion.
Lego Mentoring
Posted on 5th May
You might at this point find yourself asking whether a Lego mentoring session is just half an hour of Luke and his pals from Year 4 mucking about and building things. Well, it certainly is that but it's SO much more!
What's Going On In Topcroft...
Posted on 1st May
Our vision for our work in the Short Heath neighbourhoods is for thriving people, places and partnerships. Over the last three months, we’ve had 382 total points of contact with children and young people: 81% through outreach and engagement activities, 17% through personal development groups and then 7 volunteers have given 106 hours of their time in the last quarter.