Sam Miller
Project Team Leader
Sam beat boxes whilst sitting at his desk!
"Sam will go out of his way to help you. He's a good geezer". (Tom T, 19)

More Information

It would be difficult to overestimate Sam's importance to UDB. Sam laid the foundations for UDB back in 2003 and now operates as Project Team Leader. Along with numerous other responsibilities his role is to support the rest of the team in serving the overall vision for community transformation.

One of Sam's many passions is seeing Christians in Birmingham mobilised to pray for their communities and he has been instrumental in setting up Birmingham Prayer Wall to encourage this desire.  Another motivation is working with young offenders to see them pursue a positive lifestyle, free from crime and able to imagine and work towards a hopeful future. Sam is great at working with hard to reach young people and has a knack for winning their trust and respect. 

Sam lives in Perry Common with his wife Hannah, three sons Noah, Jude and Levi and their exuberant Cockerpoo dog Zuzu!