Andy Winmill
Project Development Manager
Andy once flew a plane over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
"Andy makes a good cup of tea!" (Kieran, 13)

More Information

Andy began as a volunteer with UDB in the autumn of 2004 whilst a student at Birmingham University. His enthusiasm for the young people and the community led to Andy and his wife Emma moving into Perry Common to share more fully in the lives of those UDB serves.

Andy began working with UDB after finishing university in the summer of 2005 and has been an instrumental member of UDB’s development since then. Andy wears many hats within UDB but his passion covers every area of UDB’s current and future development in serving individual and community transformation. 

Andy has three daughters, Eden, Eliza and Zoe as well as a dog called Beans! His beard is the envy of several UDB colleagues and he revels in his reputation as a coffee snob connoisseur. Some in the team would see Andy's most obvious flaw as his affinity with Liverpool FC. They are wrong...