Amy Heyes
Wyrley Birch Neighbourhood Coordinator
Amy has an irrational fear of cotton wool!
"Amy is hugely committed to the young people we work with. They see that and love her for it". (Andy, UDB Colleague)

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Amy is incredibly passionate about the young people we work with and helping them to thrive, overcome obstacles and achieve their potential. They see that she is genuine, authentic and committed and respond to this by trusting her.

After leaving school Amy spent a year working for an organisation called Youth For Christ on an estate in East London and knew that she wanted to spend her life working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. She returned to her native Birmingham in September 2005 and for three years combined working for UDB with completing a youthwork degree through St John's Nottingham. She has coordinated our Perry Common work for years and is currently the interim Neighbourhood Coordinator for our Wyrley Birch Project.

Amy got married to Steve in the summer of 2011 and became Mrs Heyes and is brilliant mom to the lovely Isabella Joy, born in November 2014.